Fashion stands strong as art form

Fashion. It’s a necessity in everyone’s lives, and even though it may not be apparent to many but everyone has a style that is their own and that creates great changes in fashion.

This weekly column captures these changes and the various aspects of the fashion world — it does not always revolve around current trends or affordable styles, it revolves around fashion as an art. Fashion is an art that pertains to not only what we wear, but how we are seen by the rest of the world. A faux-fur jacket may mean nothing but a cozy winter accessory to some, but to others, you may come off as a savior of the animals.

Just as one may forget the artsy side of fashion, some may forget that the designers behind fashion are artists, too. In the past, we have covered the work of great designers, such as Alexander McQueen, while also focusing on local artists who have used trendy articles (such as jewelry) to create pieces of art. Whether it be handbags, shoes or clothing designs, we have seen a huge turn in trends and it is designers, like Alexander McQueen or Coco Chanel, that have shown the ability to create such art. We are now in a time when fashion enthusiasts look back at armadillo shoes created by Alexander McQueen as others look back at “Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh.

Another common presumption about fashion is that it is something only a woman can enjoy, that men have no stake in it. Last Valentine’s Day, we gave style tips to men for various date settings. We have also covered the work of Omar Angel Perez when he created wooden shoes that were displayed at a local museum. Although it has been commonly known for women to be more extravagant when it comes to fashion, it is important to know that men can be just as much extravagant without coming off as feminine. If both men and women can enjoy a painting at an art museum, it’s a sure thing that a pair of designer shoes can be enjoyed by the likes of both.

Week by week, we hope to take these aspects, while discovering new ones, to keep our readers up-to-date on the world of fashion. Although current trends, affordable shopping and style tips are a must, I also hope to bring out the various styles of this art and the artists behind such work.

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  • Wonderful introduction to a new year of this fantastic column! I, amongst many others, am looking forward to another fulfilling and informative year in the subject of fashion as an expression of ones personality and views. Why do we go to a museum and only look at the pieces featured in every art history book, and not discuss a special edition pair of Chuck Taylors dedicated to The Doors, or other historic social instances. Cant' wait till next week! Side note–Would love to see this piece on Mondays or Wednesdays!

    Keep up the great work!

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