Dining hall opens in Moody Towers

The Moody Towers dining hall underwent a 92-day renovation project over the summer to reveal the Fresh Food Company for students this fall. | Daily Cougar File Photo

The Moody Towers dining hall is offering a new dining option that includes high quality food, greater variety of options and a restaurant- type atmosphere.

“The goal of the new dining concept is to provide students a healthier and wider choice in meal options in order to get away from the old cafeteria type of food,” Food Service Director for Residential Dining Edward Wigley said.

New students and dining hall customers are pleased with the upgrade and outcome.

“It has a great variety of food; it’s cozy and the staff is good,” freshman Daniela Garcia said. “They’re so friendly, they do it fast and it tastes great.”

Rather than the traditional setup with a dining area split off from the kitchen, customers now watch the entire process right in front of them allowing for more space and made-to-order food as well,” Director of Operations for UH Dining Services Jeff Hebert said.

The hall has also changed the interior design, by adding new decorations and booths.

Dining hall customer and UH student Kevin Lusignolo said while the food has improved taste-wise there are still some drawbacks.

“There’s always a line. If you were on the go, there wouldn’t be anything ready for you to pick up,” Lusignolo said. “It doesn’t accommodate those students who can’t eat at the optimal times.”

Though the hall offers a wide variety of food, some students said there isn’t enough at times.

The staff is aware of the situation and is prepared to fix it. At the end of last year the dining hall was serving about 1500 students per day; only a week after opening, the new dining hall is already serving about 4000 students per day.

“We didn’t expect quite that response. We now understand what we’re dealing with,” Hebert said. “We’ve adjusted very quickly to get stuff solved. We’re seeing some improvements already, and I think we’ll continue to see them.”

The dining hall staff didn’t have much time for preparation due to a specific deadline. The facility had to be built in 90 days in order to be ready for the incoming students in the fall.

“We only had a few days to train,” Hebert said. “There are some things we have to adjust to, but it’s not for lack of passion.”


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