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Celebrities not measured by society’s standards

Lindsay Lohan is now back out on the streets, and Paris Hilton was caught with cocaine this week. Every time someone with the smallest amount of fame gets into trouble, there always comes a flood of negative comments about how the same rules normal people abide by don’t apply to celebrities.

The truth of the matter is that people don’t want to see them fall that far from grace.

No matter how desperate a character is that graces the covers of gossip news, there is someone that looks up to them.

We cannot separate the character that Lohan played in “Mean Girls” from the one that has problems. It becomes even more difficult to explain why people like Hilton get away with illegal activites; it is most definitely not because of her roll in “The Wax Museum” or her infamous sex tape.

One of the only conclusions that can be drawn by Hilton’s lack of talent in all things (besides not getting out of trouble) is the fact that people want to be like Hilton. Even without the problems that surround Hilton, there are people that want to walk in her shoes, even if that means they’re going to jail for a limited stay.

This is not a problem in the system; it is a problem with how we pick the people that we want to look up to.

But let us get to the point. Lindsay and Paris are not role models. It is important to understand that they are nothing but attention w-words. We, as hard-working and honest journalists, think that it would do society a hint of good if people would have them flung behind bars. Cocaine is bad stuff. Kids should not be exposed to such sinful attitudes carried by these celebrities.

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