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This could be Houston’s year in sports

It’s no secret that Houston sports teams are known for breaking fans’ hearts, but this year could be the season for us to shine, our football teams especially.

On Sunday, the Texans conquered the Indianapolis Colts 34-24 in their season opener, and just two days before that, your Cougars stomped Texas-El Paso with a 54-24 win, earning their way back into the Associated Press Top 25.

We’ve heard all the naysayers who claim that beating the Colts twice in 17 meetings is hardly reason to celebrate. There are also those who claim that the Cougars are overrated, will lose at least one game sometime soon and fall from the rankings and the national spotlight.

We disagree.

This could very well be the dawn of a new era of Houston sports and, as always, the fans will have to play a large role. Through both good and bad seasons, we need to keep Robertson Stadium packed. And while the Texans don’t seem to have much trouble packing Reliant Stadium, we hope that this victory over Peyton Manning and the Colts will bring about a brand new hope in our team, which we truly believe could make it to the playoffs this year (even if you think we’re crazy).

So we’ll keep dreaming, hoping and attending games, and we hope you will join us, but even if you don’t, we’ll continue supporting Houston’s talented athletes. And don’t think that football is the only sport in Houston worth watching either, because there are plenty of other sports with talented athletes to be watched and supported. Even if football isn’t your cup of tea, it will help shed light on our city and the University, which is good for our economy and our morale.

And don’t tell her we told you, but Casey Goodwin came to UH’s game against UTEP … and she had a good time!

We just can’t jinx the possibility of a great football seasons, which we hope we didn’t do in this article. If we did … well, we’re sorry. We won’t do it next season.


  • I'm thinking the same thing. Actually the Cougars reming me of the New England Patriots (or visa versa) with there new found running game in addtion to there already formidable passing attack. As for the Texan's, any time anybody beats up on Peyton it a wonderful thing! Go Cougars! Signed Casey's Dad.

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