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Author advocates socialism to young students

Last week, the International Socialist Society hosted

Paul D’Amatois a contributing writer for | John Brewer/The Daily Cougar

guest speaker Paul D’Amato, who has written many books and articles on socialism and on how capitalism is ruining the society.

The presentation was primarily about giving examples of how a capitalist society has divided the country into classes and how greed has taken over.

“This is a society where people are actually told that there is an over production of goods and thus the reason for having your job eliminated,” D’Amato said.

He gave numerous examples of how Wall Street is ripping off America and how we have been told lie after lie in regards to there not being enough food and money to go around to better the people and the country.

“The tea party is also a group that is expressing the frustration with the system and how they want change; however, their change is not what is needed, but (it) does show that we have the power to change America into a more balanced society.

“Socialism has been labeled as un-American for so long that the people are very uneasy and scared of even the idea of a socialist society,” D’Amato said.

He also described socialism as a way to even the playing field and said it would eliminate class warfare in our country. D’Amato also cited that Pope Benedict has praised socialism and stated that Karl Marx might not have had it wrong after all.

“I know that we can change America and I hope you will join the cause and know that eventually Socialism can and will be an active part of our society and the way we live,” D’Amato said.

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  • Our group is part of the international socialist organzation. not the international socialist society. otherwise thanks for coming to the talk!

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