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Fans should continue flocking to Cougar football games

Don’t let a few season upsets stop the Pride

Once again the UH football team takes the field this weekend at Robertson Stadium for its fourth home game of the season.

We at the Daily Cougar would like to think it will be a packed house, but we need some convincing.

The last home game, a 42-23 win against Tulane on Sept. 25 was far from deafening.

The announced attendance was 32,007 people, but given the rows and rows of empty seats it was clear they all weren’t at Robertson Stadium. While those in attendance were plenty enthusiastic, the overall vibe was not one all too interested in Cougar football.

While the weather for the afternoon game was hard to bear, we still have to ask: “What happened Cougar fans?”

After two sellouts to start the season, are UH football fans really too fickle to stop showing up once Case Keenum, the star player, goes down?

Are there so many casual fans who go to the game because they want to see a Heisman-caliber player, but wouldn’t support their school otherwise?

We hope the answer is a resounding no, and that Cougar Nation proves us wrong Saturday.

The team will play Mississippi State, who comes from the Southeastern Conference. For those who don’t know — many consider the SEC like a subdivision to the NFL.

The team will have a lot on their plate, but we hope fans are there to root the Cougars on against a school from a powerhouse conference. Last season the team got wins against Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Mississippi State that legitimized the program. A win Saturday would symbolize the program taking another step forward in the midst of adversity.

With the opportunity of another nationally-televised game on CBS College Sports, let’s avoid the debacle of countless rows of unoccupied seats like at the Tulane game.

Whether it is Terrance Broadway or David Piland starting at quarterback, it will be a true freshman in need of our support.

Besides, come to enjoy football season while it lasts. Before you know it this season and semester will be over, and soon we’ll all be asking, “When does football season start again?”

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