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UH staff not perfect but has its gems

The Daily Cougar spends a lot of time criticizing our campus, and we spend (hopefully) just as much time praising it.

We do our best to shed light on the University’s imperfections while highlighting what’s being done right in order to keep the students who pay a lot of money to go here informed.

It’s your right as students to be aware of what’s happening at the University you attend, even if it’s not in your chosen field of study or it’s in an area of campus you rarely frequent.

But one thing we barely highlight is how hard some staff here work.

Sure, there are plenty of people who take your order in silence, hand you your food and swipe your card without even making eye contact with you, but there are some who work their butts off all day, every day, and it’s important to note that not everyone on staff is a jerk.

Some work 12- to 16-hour days and get almost no recognition — in fact, many of them put up with all sorts of disrespectful students on a regular basis.

The Daily Cougar offices are located in the UC-Satellite, and we’re here for at least eight hours a day; in those eight hours every day, we’ve seen a select few staff members who put forth 110 percent to try to make this campus the best it can be by serving students well and with a smile, working overtime to make sure the restrooms and the halls are clean.

It’s important that students recognize this fact.

Our services aren’t perfect, and sometimes workers can be rude, but please remember that not all of them are jerks. In fact, some of them are quite nice.

We just wanted to take a little time (and space) to tell them thank you, because without them, we wouldn’t have food to eat on-campus, restrooms to use, televisions to watch or countless other amenities afforded to us at good ol’ UH.

So don’t judge the masses by the actions of the few; be respectful of people who just might be working as hard as you are.

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