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Response to Bieber controversy borders on ridiculous

Justin Bieber, teen superstar and the fancy of a million pubescent girls, is being investigated for what happened last week during a game of Laser Tag, when he allegedly assaulted another young boy. Canadian officials say the 12-year-old boy in question, who sustained minimal injuries, has officially filed charges.

The original articles reported that, while playing a game of laser tag in a Vancouver suburb, someone called Bieber an anti-gay slur he didn’t take kindly to. Then a few hours later, they reported that there never was any name-calling.

The boy has yet to be identified, and it’s understandable why: One can only imagine what Bieber’s fans would do to the boy and his family, even if it were only via the Internet.

But that wasn’t the end of the media’s onslaught on Bieber.

Soon after, reports and blogs were posted online that Pattie Mallette, Bieber’s mother, was suing her son and his camp, because she was feeling left out and wasn’t getting her fair share. Mellette was the person who first uploaded videos of Bieber to YouTube, arguably making him the star he is now.

But a quick Twitter search cleared the whole mess up.

“How absurd,” his mother tweeted. “Heard the ‘news’ today. Just rumors. Don’t believe everything you hear.”

But wait, maybe her account was hacked. Or perhaps her son is really a 51-year-old man.

“To clear up other rumors, Justin is not dead and he is not a 51-year-old man. For further clarification, go buy his book!” Mallette tweeted.

So what was all the news about? The kid’s successful, clean-cut and amiable with his fans and is as close to untouchable as a child star has ever been. So why all the rumors and hate mongering?

Now, we’re not Bieber fans ourselves, but we can appreciate the star’s (previously) squeaky-clean image, which we hope, for the sake of teenagers nationwide, will still be intact when everything clears up.

And if you don’t like the swooping haircut, get over it; we don’t either, but he’ll grow up and grow out of it eventually. Leave it alone.


  • The only thing known is that Justin Bieber hit a 12 year old on accident or on purpose. Every other detail of every story reported by thousands of blogs/news orgs is completely fabricated. Making it about “homophobic bullying” is much more interesting and drama inducing, while mere hours later Bieber’s camp came out with something about Justin doing anti-bullying related publicity. Wow, what a coincidence.

    It is all a big joke, the fabrications most likely come straight from Bieber’s publicist. Note the twitter feeds of Justin and Scooter Braun, Justin’s manager, and how they were doing damage control incredibly horribly, but swiftly.

  • i think this is a load of rubbish justin bieber is just a kid and it is not fair that people are accusing him of doing these things when they dont even know the truth

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