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Creative writing hosts poets

Students and community members come together to listen to poetry presented by different writers. | Amanda Starghill/ The Daily Cougar

Upon entering the M.D. Anderson Library and taking a sharp right up the stairs toward the Honors College Commons, you can feel the overwhelming support for the Creative Writing Program. Cheese, fruits, chocolate assortments and juice were provided to instill an aura of comfort in the room amongst family, faculty and friends.

The Creative Writing Program is not one to be overlooked at UH, as the students and faculty members possess honest talent and vast potential. The excerpts that were read from their current untitled works sparked the interests of potential readers and provided an awesome opportunity for listeners to catch a glimpse before the finished products are presented to the public.

With the sun setting Wednesday evening, UH faculty member and master of ceremonies Carey Gillman welcomed guests and writers to the 11th Poetry and Prose readings. Creative writers read excerpts from their upcoming novels.

Writers included Mat Johnson, Jameelah Lang, Quincy Flowers and Edward Porter. Writer Mat Johnson is a UH creative writing faculty member who presents an excerpt of a young man’s expedition to Antarctica.

He is the published author of “Drop,” “Hunting in Harlem” and” Incognegro,” just to list a few. He is currently working on his doctorate in literature and creative writing.

Following Johnson was Jameelah Lang’s narration of two passages from her current project, “Things You Cannot Tell,” in which she humorously notes that her mother reconfigured it in its entirety and wrote her own novel. Lang’s achievements include a batchelor’s in English literature and a master of arts in creative writing in which she received from yours truly, UH. With the mission to merge creative writing with community, Lang co-founded the Bathtub Kansas Writer’s Collective. She is currently working on her doctorate in fiction and nonfiction at UH.

Nervous at the start but ending with a commanding finish, Quincy Flowers was the next writer to present. After receiving a master’s in American literature from New York University and winning the Ludwig Vogelstein Award for fiction by the New York Times, Flowers continues to pursue the fruitful insight and benefits of education in his fourth year working on his doctorate in literature and creative writing.

To close the evening Edward Porter read an excerpt from his untitled upcoming novel. Porter is a third year doctoral student in the UH Creative Writing Program. He has already received a master of arts from Warren Wilson College.

Each of the writers captivated the audience with a range of emotions ranging from laughter to stillness during the teasers of their unfinished works.

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