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Students should be in class, no exceptions

We here at the Daily Cougar are a busy bunch. Between writing, interviewing, editing and laying out the next day’s paper, it’s hard to find time to go to class sometimes. We’ll admit there are more than a few days where we’d like nothing more than to sleep in and forget about school.

But — and this is the important thing — we don’t. We’re here to go to class every day, regardless of how tired or overworked we are. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like many other students feel the same way. Just a few days ago there was a group outside the UC-Satellite bragging about what classes they had skipped that day.

People seem to forget — or don’t care — that every class costs quite a bit of money to sign up for. Not only are students wasting their money by not attending, they’re also hurting themselves by being unproductive.

Now, we definitely aren’t perfect, and we’re not trying to be preachy; we’ve missed our share of classes (although we try as hard as we can not to.) But we do need to realize this isn’t high school anymore. There are people who take pride in the education they’re receiving from the University and to see others bragging about how they seemingly don’t care about their degree, it’s annoying — to say the least.

We’re not trying to condemn people for missing class because they’re too sick to get out of bed or because a family member is in the hospital. Those are legitimate excuses. However, the students that do nothing but smoke cigarettes and ramble on about their terrible test scores are simply a waste of space; if you don’t want to be here, then drop out and get a job. Don’t just sit around and waste money — do something with your life.

At the end of the day, students are here to (and this may come as a surprise) study and graduate. The University is intently focused on attaining the much-coveted flagship status, but without students taking their school seriously it’s just another unattainable dream.

So wake up, find a parking space and listen to your professors. Who knows — you just might learn something.

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  • Seriously though, what is up with the lack of parking spaces STILL!? If you're skipping, skip off campus so then someone else can have your parking spot!

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