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Sunday, August 14, 2022


Campus graffiti artist is a bad egg

By now, you’ve probably noticed the graffiti littering our campus; it’s an egg-like face usually paired with some nonsensical phrase written alongside it. It’s ugly, it’s arbitrary and it needs to stop.

Our University is doing all that it can do to achieve flagship status. We’ve increased alumni support, increased enrollment, upped admission standards and we’re in the process of countless remodeling and beautification projects all over campus. These attempts to make our campus look prestigious are thwarted by this unattractive and unsightly graffiti artist who obviously has too much time on his hands.

There is nothing wrong with graffiti as an art form — if it makes sense and/or stands for something — but this egg cartoon is completely nonsensical. The text is flat out ridiculous, too. “The most extraordinary marvels come from nothing,” reads the giant banner above the UC Satellite.

When graffiti first started, even back in ancient Roman days, it was meant to express a point or a means to be heard when voices and opinions weren’t acceptable. That tradition, for the most part, has carried on. So when artists like “the egg guy” go around defacing our campus, it’s not only a disgrace to him, but also the art form as a whole.

It’s almost like the graffiti artist (if you can call him that) is imitating the world-famous Banksy.

The difference between this guy and Banksy is that Banksy has talent, and his work serves a purpose. Take for example Banksy’s “Ozone’s Angel,” in which he depicts an angel in military garb holding a skull. He raises awareness of all the hazardous chemicals that we breathe in every day — almost saying that it’s so bad, it’s even in heaven. Dissimilarly, an egg with an angry face sends no message to the greater audience.

Perhaps the Daily Cougar will fuel his fire. By writing this article, “the egg guy” may feel validated, and maybe he’ll start taking cheap shots at us or use snippets from this article in his next piece of work — how’s that for tossing you another egg? But we hope, instead, that this student — and yes, we know who you are; we’ve seen you — will stop incessantly defacing our campus with pointless eggs.

In the meantime, can the vandalism at least make sense? Do a simple Google search of some good graffiti and try copying some of the pros, because your work has failed to impress anyone.

Kendra Berglund is an education senior and may be reached at [email protected]

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