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Fans shouldn’t have booed at homecoming game

On Saturday, the Houston Cougars fell to Tulsa in a close matchup, during which UH almost overcame an 18-point deficit to win the game.

Unfortunately, the Cougars’ effort wasn’t quite enough, and our Homecoming parade was rained on. But the game wasn’t the only thing UH lost; it also lost some of its dignity.

Just before halftime, the Cougars, down by 11 points, had the ball near their own end zone. Coach Kevin Sumlin, probably fearing Piland might throw another interception, made the decision to let the minute and 30 seconds left in the half run out. Piland had already thrown four picks at this point, and Sumlin made the right choice. But as the clock wound down, the Cougar fans turned rowdy and began to boo.

Good job, guys. Way to give the Golden Hurricane fans another reason to celebrate and snicker.

Ask yourself how much you’ve contributed to UH and if it’s enough to catcall a group of young students who represent our University week in and week out. Chances are, it’s not. Just who do you think you are?

Sure, Piland had a rough first half; in fact, he had a rough game as a whole, throwing a total of five interceptions. But he’s a freshman, for crying out loud.

Have you all forgotten that our star player and our second-string quarterback suffered injuries that have kept them off the field for most of the season? Piland has stepped up, gone above and beyond expectations and — along with his teammates and coaching staff — given Cougar fans a reason to still believe in our program. One bad game isn’t enough reason to jeer him, his teammates or his coach.

It was a disgusting display, and we can only hope that it will soon be forgotten. Remember when those two students wearing University of Texas shirts were ejected from the game a few weeks back? That’s how the booing fans should have been dealt with.

Next time you celebrate a Cougar victory, think about what you’re celebrating. Don’t be a fair-weather fan. And for those of you who rushed the field when we beat Texas Tech last year but left early as we fell to Tulsa on Saturday, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

And if you’re not, don’t worry. Because we are.


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