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Making Chuck Norris a real Texas Ranger not necessary

Everyone knows who Chuck Norris is. He’s famous for his roundhouse kicks, his crime fighting skills, and his excellent beard. He’s also famous because, well, he’s an actor.

Norris, whose arguably most iconic role was Cordell Walker on “Walker, Texas Ranger,” will become a real-life Texas Ranger on Thursday, along with his brother, Aaron.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We love Chuck Norris. He’s awesome — he crushes crime with his bare hands, feet and beard.

But that’s just on a TV show. Making the Norris brothers honorary Texas Rangers just seems to be a publicity stunt.

The Texas Public Safety Commission voted in October to bestow the honor to the brothers because they “reflected well on law enforcement in general and on the Department of Public Safety in particular,” said Steve McCraw, director of the Department of Public Safety in an Austin-American Statesman article.

Once the Norris brothers are inducted, they will join the ranks of people like John Wayne, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz and former President George H. W. Bush.

While Chuck Norris is a great guy, he doesn’t seem to live up to some of the other honorary Rangers. John Wayne is an American icon who set the standard for western actors everywhere. Nimitz served in World War I and was Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet in World War II. President Bush was, well, a president. Chuck and Aaron Norris, on the other hand, starred in and executive produced “Walker, Texas Ranger” from 1993 to 2001.

Gov. Rick Perry himself will present the two with their honorary certificates Thursday. Yes, he could be working on the budget, or on fixing the state’s education program, but some things just get set to higher priorities. Especially when one of the priorities is Chuck Norris.

The only good thing about the whole thing? Crime can only decrease. Now that Chuck Norris is an official Texas Ranger, everyone better watch out.


  • So the guy who spent 8 years projecting a positive image and promoting the Texas Rangers doesn't deserve to be recognized by the Rangers, but other people do because they happend to be a president, an admiral, and a western movie actor????

    I don't see what relevance Bush, Nimitz, or Wayne has to the Texas Rangers. Nimitz' grandfather was a Ranger, but what did he do that warranted recognition? Bush was a president, but what's that have to do with the Rangers? The Norris' on the other hand, have done a lot to promote and enhance public opinion of the Texas Rangers. Yeah, it's just hollywood, but it's a lot more than John Wayne did for the organization.

  • Why so sour? It's an Honorary title,bestowed on folk who project a certain image of what the Rangers and Texans stand for.Hell ,some would object to Ellen,Rosie, Barney,and Elton being made honorary fruitcakes

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