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Case is back, but he never left in the first place

Case Keenum’s return for a sixth season for a sixth season signifies much more to the University than just football.

Throughout his five years the quarterback has led by example, and he will continue to be a valuable UH ambassador.

He bleeds scarlet and white, and has inspired a new generation of people who feel the same way. His story is not over, but his impact is already deeply felt. The interest Keenum has generated in UH sports has allowed the Athletics Department to grow because of the increased national recognition.

Keenum embodies what it means to be a team player. In an age where athletes are becoming increasingly scrutinized for character issues, or criticized for self-aggrandizing behavior, the star quarterback remains humble by crediting teammates and coaches for his past success. He would never log onto his Facebook or Twitter to publicly question decisions made by the coaching staff or another player.

His presence alone will be crucial to the development of younger players. As a football player, Keenum shows the discipline that is demanded to become a prolific college athlete. He does not just attend practice, but stays longer than required to study film and find ways to improve his game.

As a student, Keenum has taken his education seriously. He graduated in December with a GPA higher than a 3.0, and must enroll in graduate school to play in 2011.

Keenum does and says all the right things, and treats people with courtesy. When media members repeatedly ask him rephrased questions he always gives an answer that is without arrogance. To opposing players he is not spiteful, but shows sportsmanship.

When things seemed to take a turn for the worst, he did not pout or isolate himself from the team. He wore a headset on the sidelines, and served as a mentor to the players who had to fill the void. He kept a positive attitude when times were tough, and continues to while recovering from a serious injury.

Focus, discipline and being able to recognize your own mistakes is what college is all about. Everyone at UH could learn something from Keenum’s path as a Cougar.

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