A Palin divorce would be slow, icy

America’s love affair with Sarah Palin has been rocky to say the least since its beginning, but now it would seem that love affair is coming to a much-heralded end. According to new polls, the majority of Americans are now calling for an outright divorce from the tea party bride.

The CNN/Opinion Research Corporation released a poll last week, indicating that fifty-six percent of all Americans now have an unfavorable opinion of Palin and her antics.

The poll comes after Palin made a few ill-quoted remarks in response to a very liberal blogger who accused her and her charged political rhetoric of fueling the tragic shootings in Arizona, which left six dead and severely wounded a congresswoman.

The polls indicate a spike in the number of women who find Mrs. Palin unfavorable as well, a direct result of Palin’s unforgiving tone and harsh handling of the allegations during sentimental times of grief and mourning.

President Barack Obama, who was more tactful, is enjoying a surge in “favorable” numbers after his stately address at a memorial held for the victims of the shootings. Nevertheless, it would seem America has turned a cold shoulder to mama grizzly and her icy political dialogue.

But what exactly do these numbers mean for Palin and her anticipated bid for the White House in 2012? Well, nothing — nothing at all.

Michael Murphy, a GOP pundit once stated, “Polling numbers are like a snapshot of a moving train” and can not adequately determine the fate of those polled, which is accurate. However, to be precise, a snapshot captures a moment — and in this moment, Palin is unpopular.

Or is she? It should be noted that CNN is not the best place to find positives on Palin or her evolving legacy.

But to be sure that Palin is slipping back to the icy plains from which she came, let’s take a look at that evolving legacy and pinpoint some of Palin’s achievements thus far. She’s a former governor and vice presidential nominee, she’s made Time’s “100 Most Influential People in the World” twice, and she’s been in Hollywood applauding her daughter’s dancing talents on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

Palin has two best-selling books, a reality show on TLC which drew in about five million viewers to its premier episode, and she’s responsible for the electoral successes of several Republicans during the midterm elections — 37 out of the 55 she endorsed overall, a nearly 70 percent average.

She also attracts heavy media coverage, frontiersmen and millions of dollars alike at every small-town stop.

All this since she began blazing the campaign trails from Wasilla, Alaska, to Washington D.C. in 2008, and none of it is indicative of someone falling off in terms of popularity.

As far as the accomplishments go, Palin has only cemented her staying power.

Let’s be honest; no one wants to see Palin in the Oval Office in any election. She’s better off bullying from the podium. But she’s not going anywhere anytime soon — the Alaskan bear has only awakened from her slumber hungrier than ever.

Furthermore, Palin continues to rock the political world with her accumulated influence and power.

Palin is a political mainstay, a celebrity in her own right standing proud for the middle class and defending its way of life.

She’s a proud mother and devoted patriot. She’s the Teflon don of the Republican Party — and its most vocal advocate.

Despite the media, they are ever fascinated with Palin, providing us with continuous coverage of the successful reality star in all her glory.

The bottom line is, Palin is the female counterpart of Obama — the voice of Conservative America and the top contender for his office, despite her pleas to the contrary.

Palin’s star has only begun to shine with every media-fueled fiasco, and for those waiting for it to dim, well, stay clear of the television because she’s all over it and will be for some time.


  • Looking a bit deeper, Sarah's losing it. She's commented little since returning from Haiti and when she does, it's only to defend herself or take another potshot. Since Tucson, voters have realized they want people to work together to solve problems – there may be differing opinions on how to do this, but Sarah never offers any (as it seems, Republicans do not). Now Sarah has Bachmann to contend with – neither is fit for high level office, but that won't matter to them – there seems to be contention on the right, and it will continue to ruin their credibility for being able to help the nation.

  • Lets go back to the days when the libs worked so well with the Bush administration. What a bunch of bs. Sarah knows how to battle and game on. The WTF state of the union is right. Cut spending, don't raise the debt ceiling, drill for our own oil which would create jobs,keep taxes low, replace Obamacare, Those are opinions Palin offers, oh .yeah Sarah never offers any. I thought libs are supposed to be the brightest bulbs in the carton.

      • Really! Just have a read of her Paul Revere commentary. I doubt very much that she and the Tea Partyers know anything at all about the Boston Tea Party, judging from what she knows about Paul Revere. Bring on those bells and shots. She is simply a loose cannon.

  • ^^^ Palin hasn't commented except to defend herself because she wants to remove herself from being associated with the Tuscon shootings. I think she did a decent job of walking that line, while absolutely having the right to defend herself against the ridiculous accusations. In the wake of the State of the Union address, it is back to politics where we can expect to see Palin more often.
    Despite the poll being one that tends to lean to the left, I think it is probably fairly accurate, even for those on the right. I disagree with the notion that she is the top contender for the presidency; in fact, far from it. Palin recently described the Tea Party candidates as not creating a rift within the republican party, but rather serving as a vessel in the marketplace of ideas within the party. Palin herself probably can best be characterized along those same lines. Few on the right truly consider her the frontrunner, even if she generates the most media attention. The article is right that she will be around for a while, but it is seriously doubtful that she will be the lead name on the ticket after the RNC.

  • "She’s responsible for the electoral successes of several Republicans during the midterm elections" — that's precisely right, not to mention several Democrats, too!

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