Lines, good food await at The Breakfast Klub

Walking into a restaurant that is significantly hyped by the Houston area always proves to be disappointing from my personal experience. However, as soon as I arrived at The Breakfast Klub, I could tell that something was different about this place.

Parking was completely full — a long line of cars wrapped around the building — and it was only a Tuesday morning. I understand if it’s a weekend when everyone eats out, but it was shocking to see this occurring on a weekday morning.

After the 20 minute wait outside, I finally entered the building only to find another shorter five-minute line. During the second wait, I was able to gain a feel for the ambience of the eatery.

The atmosphere was vibrant. Sunshine illuminated the darkly painted interior as the noise of dozens of ethnically diverse customers bounced and filled the medium-sized room. Small interesting paintings representing African-American culture adorned the walls, adding a certain distinctness to my overall impression.

I was finally able to place my order of wings and waffles when a certain sticker-shock hit. I’m not used to paying $10 for breakfast due to my frugal tendencies, but five minutes later when my meal arrived, it all began to make sense. Surrounded by six enormous wings laid a large waffle topped with powdered sugar and strawberries.

I started off with the waffle and was rewarded with a pleasant, doughy, delicious taste that was only enhanced by the sweet powdered sugar and the dynamic sour taste of the fresh cut strawberries.

The chicken literally fell off the bone as the taste in my mouth exploded with contrasting flavors. The only thought that ran through my mind was how delicious my food really was.

The hype was warranted. The food was amazing at a relatively modest price, but taking into account the overall healthiness of the food is a completely different story.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the food is delicious, but it is also extremely heavy. My relatively strong stomach pleaded for mercy only to become upset after the whole ordeal.

The wait, as mentioned earlier, was also absolutely terrible. If you have this many customers on any given day, it’s time to pony up the cash and expand the business.

No doubt the food is awesome, but then again, there are tons of other restaurants in Houston that serve awesome food.

In all honesty I don’t see myself coming back soon until they significantly improve the wait; until then, my business will be going elsewhere.

No doubt that this was a great one-time thing, but it was just that — a one-time thing.

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