Forum held on volunteer options

An expo on Thursday with 20 non-profit organizations in attendance presented students with various community service opportunities.

The third year for the fall and spring event, hosted by the CT Bauer College of Business, brings organizations like the Houston Food Bank, Unicef, and Lemonade Day.

“It’s been really great. Every year Bauer students and UH students really step up,” Anya Gersib, a volunteer representative of the Houston Food Bank, said. “I’ve had tons of groups come volunteer, tons of hours have been contributed.”

Aside from helping the community, students can also apply the volunteer work to their resume.

Businesses care about their employees’ volunteering, according to a career center representative.

“Employers want their employees to care about volunteering and helping out the community,” Taylor Mullings, an instructional assistant at Bauer’s Rockwell Career Center, said.

Lemonade Day, an organization that focuses on teaching kids how to be entrepreneurs using the model of the lemonade stand, was looking for volunteer business students.

“We’d love to get business students to get involved with this process and pour all their knowledge into it,” Bethany Way, a representative from Lemonade Day, said.

Students walked around the back drum of Melcher Hall, where the representatives of the organizations set up tables and pamphlets with information.

Students like volunteering for more than just the resume boost.

“It’s the emotional attachment to help others, and it’s a good thing on a resume,” junior Samar Balagamwala said.

The event was beneficial for the 26 student organizations and for those who participate in the Ted Bauer Leadership Certificate Program, because students have to fulfill certain service requirements.

“We invite the community service chairs and the officers of the student organizations to come out and try to find more activities for their organizations,” Stephanie Krauss, director of business student activities, said.

“The responsibility lies within the student on what level of involvement they want,” Krauss said.

Anyone who missed the expo and want to find about the organizations can go to the business student activities office for informational pamphlets.

The Rockwell Career Center will host a resume roundup Thursday and Friday in Melcher Hall about where students can get resume advice from career counselors.

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