Campus screenings of cancer detection

A local breast cancer organization is offering 25 mammogram screenings from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. tomorrow at the UH Student Health Center, by appointment only.

The on-site mobile screenings are offered to students, faculty and staff by The Rose, Houston’s leading non-profit breast cancer organization.

“The earlier you are able to detect breast cancer, the higher the chance of survival,” Laura Moore, chief nurse at the University Health Center, said.

Early detection is a main focus of The Rose. With two mobile mammography vans at their disposal, they are paving the way to make early detection even easier for those who cannot find the time to get to the doctor for a traditional screening.

“The Rose is good for the community,” said Moore. “They offer convenient, more cost-effective screenings to women and give back to the cause.”

Dedicated to breast cancer research, The Rose donates a portion of the proceeds for continued breast cancer research.

The Rose provides an alternative to screenings for women who have hectic lifestyles and are regularly on the go.

The Rose has been providing mammogram screenings and diagnostic services for women in the Houston area since 1986, and introduced the first mobile screenings in 2006.

Women eligible for the mobile screening must be at least 35 years old, not experiencing symptoms or problems and not have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the past two years or pregnant. Women with implants are not eligible.

A screening costs about $100. The Rose does accept most insurance plans, but recommends clients contact their insurance companies to see if a referral is needed.

For questions about insurance plans or rates, please contact the billing department at The Rose, 281-484-4708.

Uninsured women are eligible and should contact The Rose to find out if they qualify for a free mammogram at reduced rates or to arrange a payment plan.

To schedule an appointment, call 713-743-5133.

The Health Center plans to increase the number of mobile screenings to once per quarter.

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