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You got to fight for your right to party

Wisconsin is not Egypt. And it’s definitely not Libya. There’s no need to call what is happening the “Cheese Revolution,” or some other catchy name.

The uprisings that continue to take place in the Middle East are much more serious and for a much greater cause — they are fighting for freedom. Those masses in Wisconsin, like all of us, have their freedom; they are just trying to hold onto the rights it gives — and all the rights that have been granted over the past century.

What is happening in Wisconsin is great to see, considering the level of apathy and complacency the American electorate has recently shown. And whether you agree with the protestors or not, you have to agree that seeing Americans actively engaging in politics draws up some level of pride.

It is unfortunate that Fox News and the right wing have taken this demonstration of civil disobedience and tried to label it nefarious, especially considering that they heaved praise on the scores of Americans who showed up for Tea Party rallies almost every other weekend. The same praise should befall those people protesting in Wisconsin.

As more states begin to face seemingly unending budget deficits, the call that Gov. Scott Walker makes is likely going to continue.

Said Tea Partiers will once again jump in their corporate buses or personal RVs and trek to wherever the battle will take place — isn’t it nice that they have so much free time?

Unions fought for other mainstays many now take for granted. According to the AFL-CIO, unions were instrumental in “helping to pass laws ending child labor, establishing the eight-hour day, protecting workers’ safety and health and helping create Social Security, unemployment insurance and the minimum wage.”

In effect, the collective bargaining tools of unions over the years have allowed us to now enjoy a much better life than even a few decades ago. People who make less than $100,000 and are crying for their demise should rethink where they stand, before they end up working for more than they expected.


  • Isn't it nice to see how the Ree Tardy and the Retardicans are pushing their "wage cuts for the middle class, tax cuts for billionaires" platform all over the nation?

  • What a great editorial…it's nice to know people in America can still fight for their freedoms like everyone else…

  • Yeah it sure is nice to see the DNC busing people in as well. It is great that those who are the workers protesting are using doctors notes to say they are sick while at the same time rallying at the capital so they can still get paid.
    As one man once said "All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. It has its distinct and insurmountable limitations … " If you know who said this I'll give you a cookie.

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