Phases to take UC into future

UH’s University Center celebrated its 34th birthday on Valentine’s Day, and plans presented on Tuesday evening revealed its future growth and transformation.

Keith Kowalka and Micah Kenfield, administrators for the UC, introduced floor plans and future additions at a meeting in the UC Lone Star room.

“We really got a sense from the students not to bulldoze what we have here but in a sense transform the existing University Center,” Kenfield said.

The first of a two-phase renovation plan is slated to begin in Spring 2012. In this phase, the underground will stay the same.

Student Affairs offices are to be determined, and the lounge will be repurposed but remain, Kenfield said.

The ground floor’s game room and bookstore support will stay the same. The second floor will feature the addition of a Student Government Association senate chamber, a 400-seat theatre and, tentatively, a ballroom.

On the first floor, student organizations will be located on the north side of the UC and a patio for performances will be put in place. The Wendy’s will be removed to become a high-occupancy area similar to the Satellite’s lobby.

“All of the retail and food services will be located on the first floor, which will make it easier to find for the students and new faculty, as well as being convenient,” Kowalka said.

The second phase will begin in Spring 2013. It will include the entire arbor area becoming covered.

The ground floor will be redesigned with the Creation Station moving into the Shasta’s Cones area. The Cougar Den will remain as a general meeting place.

“The one thing that is majorly in the air is that Chili’s Too might not be in the Phase 2 plans and will be combined with the lounge and be a multi-purpose space that could hold 600 to 650 people,” Kenfield said.

The second floor’s meeting rooms and offices will be redesigned. This will give the Dean of Students office one entrance and help with office efficiency, Kenfield said.

The new UC is set to be complete by Spring 2015.


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