Healthy menu ready, class taking orders

Nutrition seniors participate in weekly workshops to provide cost-effective healthy meals while honing their culinary skills. | Courtesy Laura Moore

Shasta’s Culinary Workshop re-opens today to serve the campus in house and fulfill online orders.

Faculty, staff and students of UH will be able to order their food at the restaurant or online. The food can also be ordered online and delivered to certain spots on campus. For online ordering information, visit

“Our department looks forward to the opening of Shasta’s,” said Luz Banda, office coordinator for human development and consumer science.

Laura Moore, the professor of the class, has been working with the cafe since 2006 and plans the menu items.

“Ms. Moore does an excellent job with the students. They have different themes of the restaurant based on what they are serving,” Banda said. “It’s a healthy option, convenient and reasonably priced. We look forward to it each semester they open up.”

Shasta’s is located on the first floor of the Cameron building and is open every Wednesday and Friday. Dine in hours are from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The workshop is a lab for the Commercial Food Production Lab class. It gives students the opportunity to use what they’ve learned in the classroom by preparing and serving food.

“This degree granting program is currently approved by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education of The American Dietetic Association,” Moore said. “Upon completion of this degree, also called the Didactic Program in Dietetics, students are eligible to apply for entry into a supervised practice program, which will make them eligible to take the Registration Examination for dietitians. At the undergraduate level, this degree emphasizes the knowledge and skills essential for competent entry-level dietetics practice.”

The class works much like a restaurant, with hospitality positions given to each students in order for them to learn how operate in commercial food production.

“We have positions in sanitation, marketing, To-Go, Dining Room Manager, Kitchen Manager, Cooks, Salad Bake, Servers, Host/Hostess and Expeditor,” Moore said. “The goal is to have each student rotate through all the positions. The students are graded on their performance each week.”

Students are certified in food safety prior to the workshop’s opening. It is a requirement for students to pass this examination to serve food.

Profits go back to the class, as a reimbursement for supplies used.

The next step for the class is to produce a cookbook containing Shasta’s most requested recipes.

The cookbook will contain 43 recipes, including one vegetarian recipe. It will include main entrées, side dishes and desserts.

“Each recipe will have the nutritional content so that you will know what you are doing as long as you follow ingredients listed,” said Diane Eagan, dietetic intern.

Once the name and price have been released ,the cookbook will be advertised on campus.

Shasta’s has been serving the UH community for 12 years.


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