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Student publications need student involvement

We’re not the bad guys.

As your student publication, we are here to be your voice. However, oftentimes students either ignore reporters or respond with opposition or fear.

We are here to channel student opinion to the administration. It is difficult to do so without your input and cooperation. Students have a right to complain, and should feel comfortable coming to us with news tips and ideas.

Student Government representatives meet twice a month. Our paper is an opportunity for you to speak out daily through many channels, including our opinion section. We are constantly struggling to get opinion articles, when we shouldn’t. Each of you are able to voice your opinion, and you should be willing to be heard.

Many times we will receive a news tip and send out a reporter to do additional investigation. However, sometimes they will come back empty-handed because sources wish to remain anonymous. There isn’t anything to fear. It’s okay to criticize. If it’s true or your opinion, you should feel safe stating it. You should feel comfortable taking a stand.

It’s hard to say why students fear reporters. Perhaps they don’t want to speak ill of their school. Perhaps it is just lack of courage.

Student organizations are not exempt. We try to cover and promote as many campus events that are made known to us. Again, many times reporters do not get e-mails or phone calls returned, resulting in poorly researched or unpublished articles.

We have made some mistakes in the past, but cut us some slack. We’re students too. We have been criticized for being too negative or too pro-UH, but overall our allegiance is to the students and the truth only.

So, the next time a reporter approaches you, be courageous and take a stand. Voice your opinion by commenting on articles and issues, writing for our opinion section (yes, we’re hiring), and not only offering news tips, but also allowing us to print your quotes.

America was built on free speech, so let us do our job by allowing The Daily Cougar to be your outlet to speak out and make change happen.

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  • Students don't "fear" reporters. They just don't feel they have an incentive to participate in the papers' critical endeavors. The reason is simple: students believe they're disconnected from what goes on around the campus. Whether their beliefs are true or not is debatable.

    And by the way, I wish to remain anonymous.

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