• A Secret Service study into school shootings concluded that school shooters do not simply snap and that a person’s downward spiral toward violence is typically accompanied by numerous warning signs.

    Safe School Initiative: An Interim Report on the Prevention of Targeted Violence in Schools,” U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Education with support from the National Institute of Justice, Co-Directors Bryan Vossekuil, Marissa Reddy PhD, Robert Fein PhD, October 2000

    All the arguments against guns on campus are not based on facts at all. Its based on feeeeeeellllings.

    • The “signs” during that “downward spiral” are often missed or overlooked. Signs are only useful if noticed and heeded. In how many cases, according to your cited reported,” were the “numerous warning signs” noticeable, noticed, and acted upon to prevent a tradgedy?

  • Since when do people that carry weapons at UH need permission? Check your email for the UHPD crime alerts…shootings happen all the time. Seems like a mute point to me.

    And yes, I realize this point isn't what the debate is actually about. Just my cynical perspective.

  • Maybe on other campuses but UH students are not really the type of people who should be carrying guns anywhere. Sad but true.

  • The notion that having a concealed or open gun in a time of crisis is part of the perpetuated NRA “good guy” marketing myth. Guns jam, shooters misfire, and innocent people get hurt. Shotters often have poor aim and poor training in crsis situations. What if a hostage is involved. What if the person with the leal permit decides to go on a rampage because of poor grades? This is a ticking time bomb, asking to explode. A gun in one’s pocket is no more a guarantee of safety than carry in pocket knife or pepper spray. But would be much more lethal to someone if it misfires, jams, or is taken away by an assailant in a crisis scenario. We pay the police to do their job. Let them be the one willing to keep us safe. Not someone who is paranoid or wanting to live out some campus shoot-out fantasy with a bad guy. This is wrong for so many reasons.

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