Students mentor struggling children

The Change Happens Mentorship program in the Third Ward is seeking responsible students to serve and mentor neighborhood students.

Mentoring Activities to Children of Hope is a program that aims to prevent the influence of drugs, violence and gang involvement by offering students opportunities to develop self-esteem, sufficient life skills and hope for themselves and their future.

“Students can expect to work with children who have at least one incarcerated parent and who are between the ages of four and 18,” said Shelly Chinnery, a mentor program assistant intern.

MATCH offers the opportunity to students aged 21 years old and above to cultivate leadership skills and also to develop the ability to personally interact with youths in the surrounding areas.

“It’s a one-on-one relationship where mentors can contribute their time engaging in constructive activities with their mentees,” said Chinnery. “The activities can range from helping mentees with homework, watching TV with them, teaching them special hobbies, etc.”

A few UH students have taken up the opportunity to work with these children. Not only have the volunteers impacted the children’s lives, the volunteers themselves have been impacted by their mentees.

Mentors interested in joining will be required to submit an application, driver’s license and auto insurance verification, in addition to an interview with one or more case managers. Potential mentors must also have three references, and go through training, safety contracts and a background screening orientation.

If you would like to know more about the MATCH mentoring program, contact Trinell Davis, the Volunteer Program Coordinator, at (713)374-1265 or [email protected].

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