Games to learn ethics, win prizes

Last week students played games and won t-shirts while learning about leadership and ethics. Some also competed in an ethics case competition and analyzed an issue using legal solutions. | Marie Munoz/The Daily Cougar

The C.T. Bauer College of Business hosted Leadership & Ethics week, an opportunity for students to review their leadership and ethics skills to apply them in the corporate world with professionals.

On Tuesday during Bauer Power, held in Melcher Hall, dozens of students participated in several games set up dealing with ethics where students collected tickets from the questions they got right to exchange them for a t-shirt.

“This started out as a group project for one of my classes to throw an event to kick of the Leadership & Business Ethics week and we play games, try to promote knowledge of business ethics and try to get the students involved,” said J’Vonne Lowe, a marketing sophomore, who was in charge of giving out the prizes.

One of the games that had most of the students was “Who Wants to be Ethical,” a game based on the same format as “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” The students who were able to answer all questions about business ethics questions would get five tickets for the t-shirt.

“Where I work, I’m the office manager at a clinic, and all these questions explain the daily life situations,” said Shalini Aggarwal, a business manager junior who participated in the game. “And pretty much helps me understand what I should do next if any types of these scenarios happen. All these ethical characters and responsibilities are all true and even though you have to work on the survey, it’s a lot of fun.”

On Thursday, students had the opportunity to participate in the ethics case competition. Students were charged with choosing an industry or company, analyzing a related ethical issue and proposing a solution that considers the legal, financial and practical applications.

To wrap up the week, Evelyn Angelle, senior vice president and chief accounting officer of Halliburton, spoke during an invitation-only luncheon held at the Hilton Hotel on campus.

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