Joint scholarship helps south high school grads

A one-time scholarship will be offered to four UH students and graduates from Texas City or La Marque ISD, sponsored by the UH Alumni Association and BP.

The BP Cougar Impact Scholarship, in the amount of $2,500, will begin Fall 2011 and continue until Fall 2014, totaling $10,000.

“BP in Texas City is supporting the student that comes from the area in which they operate and wanted to promote higher education in the communities of Texas City and La Marque,” said sales and sponsorship specialist for the University of Houston Alumni Association, Bob Leaumont.

This scholarship rewards students for their involvement in their communities.

“It is a way of giving educational opportunities to college students entering their senior year in college from those communities,” Leaumont said.

“BP Texas City also wanted to partner with The University of Houston and is supportive of the Tier One status recognition recently awarded to the University. It’s important to remember that this is BP-Texas City giving the scholarships, not BP nationally.”

Applicants must be UH juniors and high school graduates from Texas City or La Marque High School.

“There is already a scoring rubric in place with scores for GPA, SAT/ACT, leadership experience, etc. that is used to determine top candidates,” said Leaumont.

The UHAA scholarship committee will score the applications based on that criteria.

“A marketing plan to notify qualified students will be in place to announce the scholarship,” said Leaumont.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is May 15.

“An application is being prepared and will be available for those qualified students interested in applying.”

BP – Texas City is funding the scholarship for the next four years and hopes to continue it following the 2014 academic year.

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