Clinic opens up, says ‘ah’

UH is the first Texas university to add a dental clinic as part of its health services commitment to students.

UH’s Health Center began accepting appointments for basic dental care on Monday.

“A student’s health is very important to us,” said Kathy Fire, executive secretary for the Health Center Division of Student Affairs at UH. “Maintaining good dental health contributes to your overall health and wellness.”

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, studies have shown that maintaining strong wellness will enhance one’s ability to initially feel better and in turn work harder towards achieving his or her overall goals.

“The first thing you notice when you meet someone is their smile, the pearly whites have become quite the fad,” said Daniel Goodwin, student in the C.T. Bauer College of Business. “I know I can’t wait to have convenient dental services available.”

The UH Dental Clinic will be located on-campus in the Health Center. Available on-site services will include preventative dentistry, such as traditional cleaning, X-rays and check-ups, as well as limited major dental procedures.

Since the dental clinic is mostly funded through student fees and self-generated revenue, a student’s per visit costs will be minimal.

“A $20 visit co-pay is payable when students check-in at the UH Health Center; additional charges are based on the services provided and are charged at a reasonable and customary rate,” Fire said. “Most dental insurance plans will be accepted.”

She said the needs of UH students prompted UH to look into adding the clinic.

“The Health Center recognizes that many of our students have the need for dental services,” Fire said.

Answering student’s needs has brought about favorable opinions among students regarding UH and the UH Health Center.

“I am proud to be a UH student and am thankful that UH is the first Texas university to add a dental clinic,” Goodwin said. “Look out UT and Texas A&M, one day you may ride our coattails.”

For more information on the new on-site Dental Clinic, insurance plans, student fees and the opening of the facility, please contact the UH Health Center directly at 713-743-5151.

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