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Car chase ends on campus, student struck by vehicle

A UH student was hit by a fleeing driver during a 15-minute car chase Friday.

Jibaniya Agbu barely escaped death when the driver hit his vehicle. He was able to dodge much of the impact, and walked away from the incident with minor injuries.

“I had to make a quick decision. I just jumped up; then I saw myself on his hood,” Agbu said to KPRC Channel 2.

Sgt. T.J. McNimare, an officer with HPD, said the student was fortunate to avoid getting seriously injured.

“When he fell off the front of the car, he kind of banged up his shoulder a little bit and broke his sunglasses. But compare it to what it could have been, we were very lucky,” McNimare said.

The chase started at 1:50 p.m. at Almeda Road and Palm. Officers began chasing when they saw a stolen vehicle.

The driver was apprehended after he lost control of his vehicle in the Robertson Stadium parking lot and crashed into some nearby bushes.

“Most of the time, people running — they stay on city streets and they get on the highways, so this is an unusual situation that the suspect actually pulled into a parking lot,” McNimare said.

The suspect has since been taken into custody, and is charged with evading arrest and driving a stolen vehicle. His name has not been released.

More information on the story will be added as it develops.

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