Social organization celebrates third anniversary

Volunteers from Al Amaanah Refugee Services and the Muslim Student Association were honored for the work they have done over the past three years in a social celebrating the organization’s third anniversary on Saturday.

The social featured Rodwann Saleh, a guest speaker from the Regional Manager of Islamic Relief, and a multimedia presentation of the work the volunteers have done.

Over the past three years, Al Amaanah has served about 1,200 people from low income families, mainly from various African countries. Because of this success, 10 volunteers were honored with awards for their outstanding work. Gifts were also given to the more than 80 volunteers.

Some of the kids from Al Amaanah’s weekend school put on a play in demonstration of the work that the volunteers have done.

“I was taking a finance class and charity and finance came up,” said Ghulam Kehar, executive director of Al Amaanah. “We collected money from friends and family to help fund the organization.”

Al Amaanah provides social services that deal with case management, mentoring and financial assistance.

The group also offers tutoring programs after school, on weekends and during the summer. These services help children who aren’t fluent in English to progress as quickly as the rest of their classmates. This program is based around what the students are learning in school.

The last service is developmental and offers clients resume building tips and connects them to other resources.

“We are also connected with the Mayor’s Advising Board for Immigrants and Refugees,” Kehar said.

Al Amaanah Refugee Services is a privately funded, non-profit organization that was created by Ghulam Kehar, Raheel Ramadan, Sieda Omar and Rimza Abdul Wahad. Kehar is a UH alumni and graduated in 2009 with a degree in economics.

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