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On the rocks, please: Houston bars to keep you cool this summer

This summer has already proven to be a scorcher, and it’s only the beginning of July. With so many places to choose from, finding that air conditioned bar or umbrella-covered patio can be challenging. The Daily Cougar scoured the city and found a few of Houston’s best summer patios to enjoy those refreshing libations on.

The Shady Tavern

This outdoor bar is located on 18th street on the outskirts of the Heights, which leaves just the bartender in a garage-like structure. It is an icehouse, if you want shots or a mixed drink you are more than welcome to bring your own bottle.

The Tavern has numerous fans that circulate cool air throughout their large backyard, and trees to cover you from the heat. Along with serving ice-cold beer, its games include horse shores, bags, giant Jenga and Golden Tee.

If you are in the Heights area, stop by The Shady Tavern and don’t forget to bring a bottle of your favorite liquor — the bartender will be sure to put it on ice.

T-Bones Sports Pub

Also located on the outskirts of the Heights is T-Bones Sports Pub, with a patio that is sure to please. You and your friends can sit around and throw back a few pitchers of beer while laughing about the lack of a winning season for the Astros. This bar is already famous for its homemade crawfish seasoning and is increasing in popularity $6 pitchers on Sundays. The inside is not too shabby, either, as the bar has 2011 Golden Tee, Shuffle Board, Pool, Buck Hunter and Pin Ball machines. This place is also home to some of the cutest waitresses — who just happen to be Houston Cougars themselves.

The Drinkery

Located off Washington Avenue, the Drinkery is a bar that will treat you right. It now has new owners and bartenders ready to serve you.

The interior has been remodeled, but the back patio is also an awesome place to relax. Additional seating is available on the large wooden patio with benches and sectioned off table areas.

The side patio has a covered area, and the picnic table areas are quaint enough that you and your friends can converse freely without worrying about the creepy guy that’s been staring in your direction.

Remember folks, it is hot out there. When drinking, do not forget to sip on some water and always be responsible. Never forget to treat your bartender to a generous tip.

But most of all, have fun this summer because the fall semester will be sure to sneak up on us.

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  • if there's one thing that goes great with the summer heat it's delicious, dehydrating alcohol.
    can't you just tell us where the good herb is

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