A sight to behold

Houston has one more jewel in its crown to boast about.

BHLDN, the new wedding line born from the same minds behind Anthropologie, opened its first — and until February, only — store in the world in Highland Village.

“The reasons we chose Houston are two-fold,” said BHLDN Director of Stores Elizabeth Cooksey. First, Houston is a city notoriously fond of celebrating and celebrations. With its rich culture and its fondness towards the ‘not-so-everyday’ occasions, we feel right at home.

“We want to be the trusted friend a woman comes to during her most anticipated occasions, whether she’s a bride, party-goer, or party thrower — and Houston is the perfect stepping stone to do so.”

The store is everything a flagship store should be. Each room is designed with a theme in mind, from more casual wear right up to the dresses themselves.

“We took great care to craft pieces that emote a sense of romanticism, nostalgia, whimsy and timelessness. Products that cater to mixing high with low, colors with pattern — pieces that work together in multiple ways to create a variety of different, unique and specially crafted looks. Personalization is key,” Cooksey said.

“Ours is a voice that celebrates a woman’s most anticipated milestones. And one that gives tradition a twist.”

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