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Football – Jason Phillips Q&A

 Jason Phillips is in his third coaching stint at UH. He played at UH from 1987-1988 and finished as one of the most successful receivers in program history. The co-offesnive coordinator and wide receivers coach shared his thoughts about the Cougars’ receiving corps.
Q: What is it like to have the senior experience of Tyron Carrier and Patrick Edwards?
A: It says a lot about what those guys have been through throughout their career here. Those guys worked very hard and they’re very competitive. That’s starting to spill off with the other guys. Particularly the younger guys and transfer guys. They’re noticing how these guys work and go about things. Just having them here leading by example has been a big help.
Q: There is a long list of players behind Tyron and Patrick competing for playing time. How does that affect the team?
A:  The biggest motivator is competition. Any time you have a guy behind you and you know if you miss a play, that guy can come in and your career can simply be over. That’s the biggest motivator, that’s even bigger than the coach. We’re very fortunate to have guys who we can rely on. It says a lot about our depth at the position.
Q: What makes a good slot receiver besides catching passes and running routes? 
A: Being instinctive. Being able to fit within the defense, and have some football savvy. Being able to find holes and read zones and coverages helps you in there.
-John Brannen

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