Bauer hosts entrepreneurship seminar

Students filled Melcher Hall at UH to attend an open forum hosted by the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship on Wednesday.

The free seminar focused on answering questions for prospective applicants.

“Our job is to make you as hirable as you can possibly be,” said Ken Jones, WCE’s associate director. “We’ve never had, on a voluntary basis, this many people show up.”

The program is dedicated to propelling its members through a five-course process in which students obtain necessary knowledge and connections to succeed as entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurship program is selective, only choosing 35 students out of the hundreds that apply. The process begins with an application in the fall, which includes essays, but previous entrepreneurship experience is not expected or required.
“Students will be ranked from highest to lowest according to their applications after registration ends every fall. After the five classes, (students) will complete a business plan which will be presented to potential investors,” said Corinne Agrella, a senior who is one of the program’s members.
The program does have a good deal of clout, as it has helped start over 200 businesses in the Houston area, according to Jones.

“We want you to be able to get on stage and be a lean, mean entrepreneuring machine and unbelievably hireable,” Jones said.

Junior business major Rishel Naran is a recent applicant and had his questions answered.

“The forum was great and answered application questions and gave out important dates,” Naran said. “I feel this is a great career move. The classes are small, (everyone) is like a family.  I took the intro class over the summer and it really opened my eyes.”

Students attending the meeting were from a variety of study areas and all at different stages with the program. Senior English major Kristen Maldonado heard of the program through a friend.

“My parents own their own business, so a friend said I should check it out,” Maldonado said. “But I’m already a senior, so I don’t have time for the classes. I think for some (students) it could be good, but I’m ready to graduate now.”

The Entrepreneurship program at UH offers assistance to students who would like to succeed on their own with a great network of instructors, mentors and over 16 off-campus programs.
For more information, students can find the WCE in Melcher Hall room 250.

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