Former UH employee runs in mayoral election

The CEO of Multicultural Action Group and former UH employee Kevin Simms will try to unseat incumbent Annise Parker in his bid for the mayorship this November.

In 2004, Simms was employed at UH as a special projects coordinator, where he worked with corporations to create and improve recruitment and student retention programs. He also worked to improve other aspects of student life by coordinating with companies to bring restaurants and retailers to campus.

From 2005 to 2006, Simms worked in the provost office on programs such as “Achieve the Dream,” a nationwide program which helps students transition from community college to universities.

From 2007 to 2011, he was the night temp supervisor with the recreation center at UH as well as the CEO for MAG.

“UH is my heart. It’s been good to me,” Simms said. “You’ve got a lot of bright students there who go on to do great things.”

Simms says he has taken a step back from his position at MAG, which helps small businesses obtain contracts, to avoid any conflict of interest during the election.

Simms said he made the decision to run for mayor while working at MAG. His position requires working closely with city officials but he found himself running into what he described as “stone walls.” He says he felt he was always getting the runaround and found that some companies given contracts by the city only existed on paper.

“I found a lot of corruption with this city and with this mayor,” said Simms.

“City council members, except a few of them and the mayor, are insane.”

Simms says members of Parker’s administration were giving each other contracts and refused to meet with him or provide an explanation.

Simms claims the current administration has hasn’t made education a priority, something he wants to change.

Simms said if he’s elected, he’ll reverse the drainage fee policy UH has to pay regularly and will establish programs that will see paid internship opportunities for students at city government agencies.

Simms says he has a good relationship with the federal government that would help him establish a fund that would help financially struggling students pay tuition.

“An A student shouldn’t have to cover everything financially if something bad happens,” Simms said.

Anyone who wants to get in touch with Simms can contact him directly at 713-703-8525 or visit

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