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Re: Greek coverage

Thank you for the recent influx of articles on Greek life at the University of Houston. As a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity, it is thrilling to see The Daily Cougar cover the exciting happenings surrounding the fraternities and sororities at UH.

However, many individuals are still quick to jump to conclusions regarding Greeks without doing the proper research. At this University, the accomplishments of fraternities and sororities stand second to none.

Annually, thousands of dollars are raised for non-profit organizations such as the Children’s Miracle Network and the Houston Area Women’s Center.

Moreover, fraternity and sorority participation make major events such as Frontier Fiesta — which dates back to 1940 — thrive.

Greeks have a celebrated legacy at this University. For instance, any Saturday at Robertson Stadium students are surrounded by traditions established by Greek life such as the Blaze, which was ranked #14 in the September edition of Texas Monthly under “20 reasons to Love College Football.”

It is also worth noting that both current offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury and UH play-by-play announcer Ted Pardee are both members of a fraternity.

The impact of going Greek on one’s life and the leadership it can bring about are two central benefits, but ultimately, everyone will gain something unique to themselves.

As new dormitories are built and campus life expands, so will Greek life and we’re glad to have The Daily Cougar on board.

Andrew Pate is a UH junior.


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