Students show off campus to families

Cougars had a weekend to hang out with their parents and siblings as UH Family Weekend offered numerous activities, surprises and knowledge for families about the campus, students, faculty and activities.

With more than 50 activities to choose from during the weekend, families had a packed schedule.

To kick off the weekend, family members checked in at the University Center where they picked up welcome packages containing guides, nametags and tickets.

Activities open to families included breakfast with the Vice President of Student Affairs, J. Richard Walker, tickets to the UH football game against East Carolina and the UH Amazing Race, a campus text-messaging scavenger hunt.

Students and their families had an opportunity to visit many locations around the campus, such as the library, the wellness center and the University Center game room.

Despite all the campus had to offer, some visitors had difficulty finding things to do between scheduled events.

“My parents were so frustrated having too much time to kill between activities,” said Robert Price, a theater student.

“The sound of Pirates of the Caribbean was echoing and difficult to understand.”

With more than 500 Family Weekend attendees taking in the Cougars’ 56-3 win at Robertson Stadium, the football game was the weekend’s biggest draw.

“I’m lucky enough to have my family at every game, so it’s nice knowing that I have them up in the stands cheering me and my team,” said Crawford Jones, a broadcast journalism senior and a member of the UH football team.

“It relaxes me knowing I have my family up there even when the game gets crazy.”

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