Cooglympics fire up Homecoming spirit

Cougars from 10 organizations came out to play at the UH Recreation and Wellness Center on Saturday to kick off homecoming week with the second annual Cooglympics.

The organizations came together at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center to participate in basketball, volleyball, dodgeball and flag football.

The Cooglympics event first took place in 2010 and was created in part by Sason Tavakoli.

“He is one of the people who started it last year and this is a continuation of that event; hopefully we keep doing it and establish it,” said Rowen Cordon, chairman on the homecoming board.

The goal of the event is to bring all students into one environment and have competitions while creating a sense of pride. Homecoming event participants are awarded spirit points.

“Spirit points are pretty much tallied up at every spirit cup competition event throughout the week and at the very end, the group with the most points wins the UH spirit cup,” Cordon said.

The games were evaluated in a round-robin score system, with medals were awarded first, second and third place winners.

“It’s kind of a big deal for a lot of the organizations, homecoming is a huge tradition; it would be a kind of prestige for the organization that does win the spirit cup,” Cordon said.

Every day of the week there will be an event where student teams can participate and gain points. The Cooglympics have shown to be one of the most popular competitions, drawing a wide range of student attention.

“All the homecoming events are always fun, for the organizations involved it builds teamwork and gives an excuse for everyone to come together and have fun,” said David Rossel, a junior biology major. “I plan to attend all the following events, if my schedule allows it.”

The spirit cup competition continue throughout the include Paint the UC and Paint Shasta, the kick-off Pep Rally, Go Coogs Day on Tuesday, Strut your Stuff’ on Wednesday, and the Canned-food Sculpture and UH Cougar Chant on Thursday.

For more information regarding the events, visit the homecoming website at

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