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‘Lies’ gets revealed at Go Coogs Day

Go Coogs Day will display the meaning of The Statue of Four Lies and will take place at 4 p.m. Tuesday at Lynn Eusan Park.

The purpose of Go Coogs Day, an event created by both the Student Alumni Connection and the Homecoming board, is to unite the student body and educate the community about UH traditions.

“We want students to get more involved on campus by showing up to events and possibly joining some of the organizations or participating in traditions here at UH. This University is a great place to go to school, and gets better every year,” said Torin Garfield, the SAC Homecoming Chair.

This event will showcase the meaning of “The Statue of Four Lies”, and to encourage students to get more involved and give back to the University.

“I hope that this event starts a long standing tradition at the University of Houston that lasts for many years, but that all depend on student body participation,” Garfield said.  “We truly go to a school to be proud of, so come out one and all to show your cougar pride.”

To commemorate the event in UH history, organizers will cap the event with a photo opportunity.

“In honor of the significance behind the event, we will be forming a large Cougar Paw in front of Cougar Village with all of the students who come out,” said Cameron Bailey, president of SAC. “We will then take a picture of the group in the Cougar Paw and it will be displayed in various places throughout campus.”

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