Cultural talent show highlights countries

More than 100 people gathered in the Cullen Performance Hall on Wednesday to witness the different kinds of talent other cultures have to offer at the International Explosion.

Sponsored by the Council of Ethnic Organizations, the event kicked off with a statement of the group’s goals.

“Basically, we are a group on campus that is completely free,” said Armand Viscarri, marketing director of CEO.

“What we are trying to do is bring events on campus that just promote diversity and are completely free, you don’t have to drop a single dime.”

Among the associations present were the Nigerian Student Association, the Chinese Student Association, the Vietnamese Student Association and the Persian Society.

Each presentation began with an introduction informing spectators where the association was from, why was it created and when it was founded on campus. Most of the people attending the event already knew the associations and went to support their friends, but for others the experience was new.

“My sister was the one who told me about the event, I didn’t know that these kind of events promoting diversity and global culture were done at UH,” theatre freshman Valentina Olarte said. “Even though I was late, I enjoyed the last of the show and definitely will be here again, on time, for next year’s International Explosion.”

The event also featured free gifts, including T-shirts, sunglasses and first aid kits.

Assistant Vice President for Student Development Keith Kowalka and CEO Advisors Albert Chao and Sophie Lo served as judges for the event, basing their verdicts on the quality of the performance and the way the performance represented culture.

Third place was given to the Vietnamese Student Association for its classic dance from Vietnam. Second place was awarded to the group Nishani Bhangra for a cultural dance from northern India.

Roarin’ Raas won first place for its classical-modern dance fusion from India.

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