Cougars carve across campus

Jonathan Tran does a kickflip in front of the E. Cullen building. | Paul Crespo/The Daily Cougar

While some students struggle to make it to their next class amid the chaos of slow-walking groups, a few Cougars have found a more efficient solution — skateboarding.

According to some skateboarding commuters, the form of transportation is popular at UH because students can take their skateboards everywhere, and skating is easier than having a bike that needs to be secured to racks before heading into class or to hang out with friends.

“It’s easier to transport than a bike,” mechanical engineering freshman Anthony Byrd said. “It’s way smaller, and you can bring it into class.”

Byrd, who lives on campus, said even though he does walk a lot and started skateboarding for fun, there are days he relies on it for transportation.

“I skateboard whenever I want to get to class fast or something,” Byrd said. “Today I was kind of late, so I had to make up for lost time.”

Some students, like media relations junior Athena Armylagos, who has been skating for almost thirteen years, prefers a longboard, a skateboard variant designed for cruising that is likened to a surfboard on wheels.

“With a bike, I feel like I would get everywhere way too fast and be like ‘now what?’ With a board, I have time to cruise around,” Armylagos said. “I just like the way it feels when you’re skating. You’re just floating almost, especially on nice days.”

While most students may be more at home by opting to walk to their classes, Armylagos is much more comfortable with her board.

“On days when I forget my board and (am) walking to class, I think, ‘How do people do this, anyway?’ I don’t blame the people with scooters,” she said.

Some students, however, are more interested in performing tricks and maneuvers than getting to class.

“At the moment, I skateboard to commute, but I want to learn stunts,” pre-pharmacy freshman Jonathan Young said. “Skateboarding is challenging for me, but it’s very fun. I like these challenges because they occupy my time, and make me feel good when I master (them). Walking takes a lot of time. I like how fast the skateboard can be used.”

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  • How about the down side of being vulnerable to falling off. A lot of areas around campus have some rough terrain due to construction and other things. Since I like to carry my laptop around with me I don't want to risk falling off the board and breaking it, or breaking myself. Also, that would be pretty embarrassing.

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