Name that eatery

Courtesy of Billy Garner

Courtesy of Billy Garner


The newest dining hall, which has been under construction since October, is in need of a name.

Students who want to name it should submit their ideas on the dining hall’s Facebook page by Feb. 29.

Dining Services and Auxiliary Services will narrow the ideas down to five and the finalist the Food Service Advisory Committee chooses will receive a bicycle and have his or her name on a plaque in the new hall.

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  • When you think about it, this "opportunity" is actually pretty depressing, because it means that UH was unable to find anyone who wanted to purchase naming rights. With huge capital projects coming in the next few years (New UC as well as the renovations to Hofheinz and the Rob), this news is a huge let down.

    • Or UH was hoping to maintain the integrity of the campus by not putting everything on it up for sale (the preponderance of "Cullen" buildings notwithstanding).

      It makes a lot more sense for 'posterity' for the University to spend a little extra today to memorialize those who have made a significant contribution and are uniquely associated with UH than it does to cheapen the aura of campus by prostituting ourselves to the highest bidder.

  • so THAT'S what's been waking me up with annoying construction sounds outside Law for the past 3 months? Hahha. I have been wondering what the hell they're doing with that for months now. They better hurry up or at least give me free food when it opens. It's a bit of a hassle having that construction there. :/

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