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Faculty Senate has first meeting

The first meeting of the 2012 school year for the Faculty Senate Committee brought about many staff changes, along with discussion about research, development and graduation and retention rates.

UH President Renu Khator’s selection for the University vice president and vice chancellor, Eloise Dunn Stuhr, was introduced to the Faculty Senate at the  meeting. Her experience with Tier One Universities like Vanderbilt and Penn State in the past may prove beneficial to the UH community.

“We are looking to have a (fund-raising campaign) that exceeds 100 million dollars annually.  I would like to see that number develop into billions in order to benefit the faculty and students at the university as much as possible,” said President Khator.

Other changes included former Faculty Senate Committee President Monica McHenry passing her position to the 2012 Senate President Dmitri Litvinov.

“To say I have learned many things as Faculty Senate President would be an understatement. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with the faculty,” McHenry said in her farewell address.

McHenry is currently an associate professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Litvinov, an associate professor for electrical and computer engineering, is optimistic about the 2012 school year.

“I will work tirelessly to make sure the faculty voice is heard. I look forward to a productive year,” he said.

The Research and Scholarships Committee says it is dedicated to the “enhancement of research qualities in efforts to move (UH) forward.”

Reaching Tier One status has brought the University more than $7 million a year to improve research infrastructure facilities. However, Committee Chair Monica McHenry said, “we are concerned about the quality of research that goes on at University of Houston — not so much about the amount of money, but how we use the money we (receive).”

Budget cuts are on the menu, but Dr. Simon Bott, Undergraduate Chair, says that they “will not affect the core mission of the University.”

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