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CAPS therapists talk to students, faculty, staff

Counseling and Psychological Services are providing students with informal walk-in consultations with therapists in various locations across campus.

The program “Let’s Talk” is open to all UH students, faculty and staff and is recommended for students who aren’t sure about counseling, students who have a specific problem, students who want guidance to help a friend with an issue and faculty or staff members who are concerned about a particular student or individual, said Kay Brumbaugh, outreach coordinator and psychologist.

“We understand that meeting with a therapist can be anxiety-provoking. What’s great about ‘Let’s Talk’ is that it’s a drop-in service where students can have informal consultations without committing to therapy,” Brumbaugh said.

“What we have discovered is that some students feel more comfortable after ‘Let’s Talk’ and decide to make a follow up appointment at CAPS for continued services.”

After the 15 minute session, a therapist will make recommendations as to what the best option for help would be, which may be a referral to CAPS, another UH department or an outside agency, Brumbaugh said.

“I believe this program will absolutely help students with their problems,” Brumbaugh said.

“It’s a great opportunity to casually speak with a therapist, hear what recommendations they may have, and see how counseling might help.”

The “Let’s Talk” therapists are staff from CAPS and consist of licensed psychologists, post-doctoral fellows and advanced graduate trainees in counseling and clinical psychology, said Brumbaugh.

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  • CAPS should really do somethng about their offices at the Student Services Center 1. The interiors are pretty aged (in a not so good way), there's very little sunlight (so the lights feel all sterile) and overall it's hard to feel better in such a gloomy atmosphere.

    To be bluntly honest, I feel like both CAPS and the University Career Services (both located there) don't really do much to bother existing. Maybe it's the one psychologist (or two) but I don't feel like any progress through the sessions I have there. Plus UCS only seems to want you to pay to take some 3rd party test, before they'll consult you on anything. Even if you insist you're leaning towards particular areas and need help narrowing it down.

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