Recycling competition to start with different rules

The RecycleMania competition has changed this year.

Instead of collecting recyclables for weekly weigh-ins, the competitors must spread the word about recycling. This new strategy will still bring on friendly competition, but will also encourage the University to work together as a whole for the national contest to increase awareness and recycling on campus.

Students, faculty and staff can put together their own teams and are put in different categories based on the number of members. The three winning teams from each category will win a $100 catering credit and a certificate of recognition.

“(In the new competition) large teams aren’t bound by the amount of waste they can haul, and small teams aren’t bound by how much waste they create,” said Leah Wolfthal, program coordinator for sustainability. “The message reaches more people on campus, and we are modeling recycling and waste behaviors.”

Teams have until Feb. 6 to submit their registration packet, which they can find online at

[email protected]

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  • Every organization should try to participate. It's much more simpler than last year, and it's a great way to get your organization's name out there. Recycling also produces a lot of money for the University, and RecycleMania really helps.

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