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Students give Tier One stadium green light

It was announced on Thursday that the Athletics Referendum passed on a whopping 4,745-vote margin. With 9,923 total ballots cast, 26.1 percent of the student body was accounted for in making their voices heard on an important issue for the University. This is the largest turn out since 15 percent of students voted in favor of building the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center in 1998.

Whether or not a new stadium and improving Hofheinz are changes you welcome, it’s impressive that so many students actually took the time to vote.

These kinds of results prove that the student body has enough pride in our University that they’re willing to pay for much-needed improvements that will affect UH for years after they walk across the stage.

Student approval for a stadium is much more than just another building on campus — it stands as a testament to Cougar spirit. Among all the improvements that are being made at UH, Tier One athletic teams and facilities will only help in our quest for national recognition as a Tier One university.

Most importantly, a new stadium and a better Hofheinz aren’t changes that will affect us so much as current students, but it’s important that we keep those that follow in our footsteps years from now.

These are improvements that most of us will be able to take full advantage of as alumni, but future students will have a more beautiful campus to enjoy as the University continues to improve its reputation and the caliber of students, faculty and staff members who are proud to call UH home.

Even if this wasn’t something you’re in favor of, a mere $45 increase of student fees per semester will go toward a change that will affect generations of Cougars long after we’re gone — that’s a small price to pay for something that will have a monumental impact on all aspects of our University.


  • it's like you're saying this fee will benefit society. Maybe it benefits people who go to the same school as you, but why should you care so much about that, especially considering this school doesn't care about you and would surely be quick to boot you out if you were a day late or a dollar short.
    of all the charity campaigns out there, this has to be one of the weakest.
    "please give us a new stadium so we look good to other schools when we play football. even if half the audience is dressed in rags and eating ramen noodles, this stadium will pay off in the end because it's very important to look rich."
    i'd rather give my money to something more worthwhile. UH's athletic department is a horrible investment and i wouldn't even go here if i didn't rush into school during the recession and am getting an inheritance for going here.
    notice you never hear the school mention anything about any kind of educational quality. they can only talk about how many different races attend the school (diversity) and whatever other little tidbits they can blow out of proportion – none of it ever having to do with qualiity of education.
    i'd give anything to test students from each college on classes they took 1 or 2 semesters ago and see how much they retain and how much was just memorization/playing the game to get the degree.

  • I wish the University could accept more qualified students that can honor their own choice to be a Cougar. I made my own choice to go to UH, got a high level of education, graduated in time and got a great job earning 6-digit salary in 5 years. I know there are much more Cougars who are more successful than I am. My point is that it all depends on who you are, what you do and how you do.
    In my opinion, most of the Cougars who are not proud of being part of this University are not competent in many aspects and just full of complaints. I really wish the University to raise its standards to distinguish between the losers and winners.
    Competitive athletic programs are one of the main factors that a Tier One institution should deserve. We should get this stadium project moving on.

    • I am very competent and will continue to complain about this University which unfortunately I hold no good memories for. I am not the only one in this boat as I have several ex-classmates, friends and associates from other Faculties within the University ( Enginnering, Business, Natural Science) who share the same feelings and would not give a dime to the University. UH really needs to spend their money focusing on the quality of education that students receive from their departments, additionally they need to school their professors on how to encourage students and bring the best out of the individual for the continued success of the school. My experience is that UH only cares about your money and will keep you spinning wheels through poor advising, unenthusiastic professors and a generous helping of disdain from the admin staff.

  • James you are what we call a bit a dick. If the athletic department means that much to you then take your 6 figure income and give it to the athletic department. I think that the money should be for a better education.

    The fees will be paid by the future students and not by the ones who voted for it.

    Sort of like what happened with Obama having to pay for the costs incured by the slowest child in the Bush family.

  • Simple Logic! You love UH. We want you. You hate UH. Feel free to leave because we don't want you. Have a nice day now!

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