‘Sprucing up’ the UH Law Center

Emily Chambers | The Daily Cougar

Emily Chambers | The Daily Cougar

Faculty, alumni and their families planted trees Saturday around UH’s Law Center.

The UH Law Alumni Association worked with non-profit, volunteer organization Trees for Houston to replace trees that did not survive 2011’s drought.

Texas has suffered tremendously from the drought, according to a study done by Trees for Houston. Houston is expected to lose more trees within the next two years.

“The purpose is to plant 34 trees around the law center. We have a UH law alumni on the board who has spearheaded this. Considering how cold it is, I’m very surprised about the turn out that we have here,” said Jessica Keener, marketing and volunteer director of Trees for Houston.

Four title sponsors came together with $20,000 and went to Trees for Houston with the idea and purchased several dozen large trees. One of the major sponsors was Jackson, Gilmour & Dobbs — the law firm of Bill Jackson, president of UH Law Alumni Association.

Before Saturday, the law school was surrounded by dead trees and empty patches of grass. The organizers said they were aiming to improve the aesthetic appeal of the campus while helping the environment.

“You’ve got this major corridor that is visible. You want to be able to add to it. Surrounding the school with trees will help the law school as a whole,” Jackson said.

Several organizers plan to return Monday with heavy equipment and auger the remaining spots. Jackson said the landscape is supposed to look completely different once the project is finished.

“This really brings a sense of community. It needed to be done,” said Tracy Hester, a environmental law professor. “We certainly hope to see students studying under these trees in the future.”

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