End of an Era

Amongst the candy, flowers, red and pink balloons and all the Valentine’s madness in the University Center there was another celebration: the 45th Anniversary of the UC.

Student Bethany Johns, Senior in Applied Music, was one of the few students who said she was aware of the anniversary.

“I’m a part of College Republicans and we receive current news for campus,” Johns said. “I was excited to see they found it important enough that students should know about it.”

Students voted in a 2008 referendum to have the building remodeled rather than rebuilt.

“It’s never fun to have construction at school, especially when you are trying to rush around to class, but it’s part of a growing university,” Johns said. “We have to expand to accommodate for students and have more updated facilities. When it’s done it’s awesome.”

The renovations will make UH a better school said Christopher Broussard, Computer Information Systems Junior.

“It’s an exciting thing for the campus and will make the campus look better. Especially in terms of us becoming Tier One now. Better facilities will equal better students as well as faculty.”

The UC is the “main attraction” at the University, Broussard said.

“I don’t care if you are a commuter or live on campus, everyone goes in and out of the UC,” she said.


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