UH holds event in honor of donors

A student spins the prize wheel to win school supplies or refreshments at the Philanthropy Awareness Day event Tuesday. | Chris Luong/The Daily Cougar

Students thanked donors for their investments in UH during Philanthropy Awareness Day which was held Tuesday in front of the University Center.

“This day is about awareness,” said Liz Castro from the Office of Annual Giving.

“We let the students know now, and then later they ask about how to get involved and how to (donate).”

Students signed a banner to give thanks to the donors and spun a wheel to win prizes like a water bottle or T-shirt. Students could also write a thank you note and receive cookies and hot chocolate.

Volunteers from the Cougar Cents program told students what the event was about and why it is important to show appreciation.

“This event is an opportunity for the students to learn what philanthropy is,” said Michelle Bair, an officer with the Office of Annual Giving.

There was also a luncheon in the Cougar Den for donors and “Houston pacesetters,” contributors like Bair who have supported the University for at least five-consecutive years.

“I donate because I believe in higher education and the commitment that UH has to its students,” Bair said.

In the center of the event was a poster of a chart informing students where the University’s 2011 funds came from and what the percentages were for each section.

In 2011, 38 percent of UH’s budget came from tuition, and only 26 percent came from state funds — which have been declining every year, according to the UH website.

Tuition and state funding for this semester have run out, the website said. Contracts, grants, and donations help finish out the school year at 36 percent of the UH’s funds.

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