Additional student housing under construction

The original Cougar Village was opened in the fall semester of 2010. Cougar Village 2 is already in design and is expected to be completed in the fall semester of 2013.  |  Emily Chambers/The Daily Cougar

The original Cougar Village was opened in the fall semester of 2010. Cougar Village 2 is already in design and is expected to be completed in the fall semester of 2013. | Emily Chambers/The Daily Cougar

According to UH Residential Life and Housing,1,800 additional bed spaces are expected when the construction of two new residential halls is complete in fall 2013.

Designed for sophomores and upper level students, Cougar Place 2 is already under construction, says Executive Director of Residential Life and Housing Don Yackley. Construction of Cougar Village 2 is set to begin in April.

“We are extremely excited about our two new residential construction projects that will assist us in developing a residential university experience that supports student success,” said Yackley. “Almost two thousand more students will be able to live on campus when these projects are completed.”

Cougar Place 2 will feature single rooms with shared common living areas and will house about 800 beds. Cougar Village 2, whose design will mirror that of Cougar Village, is estimated to provide space for 1,000 beds — in two-room units with shared bathrooms. Both new facilities will include study lounges, community lounges, a computer lab and a small fitness area.

“Both facilities are designed with student input,” Yackley said. “And with community space that supports student success.”

Pre-med freshman Cristal Hill applied for housing in Cougar Village last fall, but was moved to Moody Towers because there weren’t any rooms left.

“They actually didn’t tell me. I found out by looking at MyUH and it said Moody Towers,” Hill said. “I was a little upset because I was expecting to stay in that dorm. It was just unexpected.”

Cost is another concern for students like Irene Young, a graduate student who says that on-campus housing is overpriced.

“The experience was okay — pretty mediocre for my first time living in an apartment and campus housing,” she said. “I had scholarship help, but if I didn’t, it would have been like $800 a month.”

According to Yackley, pricing for the new halls is still under review, but will be comparable to that of Cougar Village. Utilities, TV and Internet access are included in housing fees.

Construction of the new halls will not affect tuition costs, Yackley said.

“Student housing is an auxiliary and as such is expected to pay for itself,” he said. “We are self-supporting. Tuition and Fees do not go to pay for housing. Housing fees pay for student housing.”

According to Yackley, approximately 6,000 students currently live on campus. Residential Life and Housing is estimating similar enrollment figures for the fall and students who already live on campus will receive priority housing registration in the fall.

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  • I hate that I pay over $1000 a month for the Lofts and cant even get decent parking. My room is on the north side of the building, near the Law School, and have to walk what seems to be MILES. It's a pain when you have things to carry or if it's late at night.

  • I had to start commuting because houseing fees and meal plan fees are just too much together…which I hate because I really liked living on campus

  • There is also suppose to be family housing for students neat McGregor Park starting construction March 12 unless something has changed.
    Too many students don't seem to realize how much it would cost to live somewhere else. When you include cable/internet and utility charges that are part of that bill not to mention the saving in commute and parking on campus to go with the added convenience it is a bargain to live on campus.

  • Im sorry but if it were any other school except UH, no one would complain about these prices because "we go to the best school in the state!" Quit the bitchin'

  • Wow. Living on campus is overpriced? You can move to Pasadena, in that case it will cost you less. Off campus living is expensive. Don't be naive.

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