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Formal complaint filed against SGA president-elect

The Student Government Association election commission is meeting tonight to investigate a formal complaint that alleges students’ personal information was used to cast votes without their consent in the elections which took ended March 2.
SGA President-elect Michael McHugh, Vice President-elect Mohammed Aijaz and Natural Sciences and Mathematics senators-elect Laxmi Ramana and Brandon Balwant are all named in the complaint.
“In the investigation as of right now, we have collected all the evidence,” said Arsalan Razakazi, SGA’s chief election commissioner. “(Tonight, the SGA elections commission) will discuss exactly what evidence we have and what actions we are going to take and go from there on.”
If the charges are true, the election commission could overturn the results, Razakazi said.
McHugh denies any involvement and said the allegations have no merit.

“I’d really like to know where they are getting their sources from, and I’m questioning their credibility,” he said. “I just don’t foresee them giving a guilty verdict because there’s no evidence that exists.”

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